We buy it better.  Our proprietary media buying system gives you a massive head start on any of your competitors because you will be telling your story to more people for less money.   We are an official Comscore partner which gives us access to the most accurate research on the TV audience in every market.

But buying your media is only one of the keys to your success.  It doesn’t matter how many people that you reach if you aren’t saying the right things in the right ways.  Our discovery system allows us to find the unique parts of your story that make your business fascinating and irresistible. 

And we do everything in house.  From the creation of your messaging strategy, to the script writing, production, editing, and putting you on the air.    



The same principles of our media buying and discovery systems hold true with radio as well.  But radio is bought completely differently than TV because people listen to radio stations, but watch TV shows.  The number of spots you run and where you run them is critical to radio success.

But the message for radio needs to be slightly different than TV, because radio is meant for the ear.  And that creates unique opportunities because your imagination is more powerful than visual images.   In video we can show “a house” or “a diamond.”  With radio we can have you see “your” house and “your” diamond.

We love to leverage the popularity of radio “influencers.”  Listen here for one example.

And like TV, we do everything in house.  We have a team of more than 100 voices readily available to voice your next radio ad.


We buy it better.  Most people think that everyone pays the same or bids the same.  Pay per Click (PPC) is NOT just about how much you bid.  Google is about making money for Google.  So if your ad gets clicked more often, Google rewards you by putting you higher in the search.  Creative strategy is just as important as bid strategy. We are a certified Wordsteam partner, so we use their artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize your PPC.  But we also have a digital team that makes sure the AI recommendations fit your business.  Even in 2021, common sense often trumps AI.   We typically can double the PPC performance of our clients once we take over the campaign.



Facebook advertising has changed a lot in the last five years.  It used to be so inexpensive that you almost couldn’t lose.  With more advertisers, the advertising costs have risen, so you can’t just throw an ad out on Facebook and reel in the leads. 

Our in-house production team allows us to create ads that are designed to be successful on Facebook.  Cartoon ads, doodle ads, testimonials, owner stories – Facebook is about engagement.  Our story-telling team creates Facebook ads that stand out from the rest.

Digital Display / Video


Do you want to target your ads to a very specific group of people?  Maybe a specific zip code or even a specific neighborhood?  As a certified Centro Partner, we target your ads based on geography, lifestyle, purchasing habits or hundreds of other characteristics.  Digital ads can be either display or video. We will create the strategy and message that meets your advertising goals.


Youtube Ad

YouTube has the most traffic of any website not named Google.  Are you advertising there?  We will set up your YouTube channel, create video content for it, buy your YouTube ads, and create your YouTube video advertising strategy.

Because YouTube is owned by Google, we are able to specifically target your ads based on potential customer’s Google history.  We bring your video to the people most likely to be in the market to buy today.


Roku menu on an LED TV

The world of streaming TV has changed the way people watch television.  Viewers can now watch a favorite show whenever they want.  And your business can target those viewers no matter when they watch that program.  Just like digital video, streaming TV allows you to target based on hundreds of different lifestyle characteristics. 

Our media buying team can lead you in deciding if broadcast or streaming TV is better for your business.  Our video production team can create various video ads specifically for streaming TV based on the different audiences you are targeting.

Video production


We have an in-house production team that allows us to create videos for all the categories listed above.  This allows us to be full-service to you, while keeping your video or advertising project on deadline and under budget.

For larger production needs, we have relationships with some of the best production teams in the country.   These video partners have produced Super Bowl ads, and one company even produces the famed Super Bowl halftime show every year.   We also have a team of nationwide free lancers, so we can shoot video in any market across the United States.  

No matter what your video budget, big or small, we have the right size team to accomplish your video goals.