The fact that there are multiple answers to this question is the answer to the question. If you spend too much money for what you get in return, it won’t work. If you don’t spend enough money and don’t get enough frequency (repetition), it won’t work. If your ads are as boring as watching  someone else’s home movies, it won’t work. If your ads look and sound like ads, it won’t work. When so many things could go wrong, you need help in getting it right. Friends don’t let friends do their own advertising.

Because of question number 1. There are too many things that go into successful advertising for you to do it yourself AND run your company. And when you hire someone internally, it’s like trying to read the label from inside the bottle. When you hire the right agency, you get expertise in how to move people from strangers to customers.  You get more media exposure for your money. You get a system instead of chaos. And you get the knowledge of people who have spent tens of millions of other companies dollars learning what works and what doesn’t. You can instantly tap into that knowledge or keep “trying this to see if it works.”

Good branding results in more leads that you are prepared to handle at the moment. Most people bucket advertising into two categories: branding and lead generation. Because they mistakenly believe that branding means “ineffective name awareness.” But when done properly, branding can take your leads/sales to levels impossible to reach without it. My friend Roy Williams defines branding as “becoming the first company the consumer thinks of AND FEELS THE BEST ABOUT, when they need your product/service.” Pure lead generation will generate more leads in the beginning. But it isn’t scalable. Lead generation talks only to the one percent in the market today. Branding talks to the 99 percent in the market tomorrow, next month, and next year. What percentage do you want?

You have to be patient the first six months. But if you are doing it right, you KNOW it’s working. And after that amount of time, if you don’t KNOW it’s working, it’s not working. Do you have memorable phrases that your customers repeat to you? Is your company name your most searched term in Google My Business? Are your sales up significantly?

Many advertisers are always trying to catch the latest wave. We prefer to start with the question “What still works?”. More often than not, the shiny new toy is way more sizzle than steak. TV and radio are still the BEST ways to brand your company.  And branding is still the best way to build your company for the long haul. The reason TV and radio still work so great is that nothing can touch mass media in terms of telling your story. Digital targeting has it’s place. But it’s too expensive on a per person basis for the targeting to outweigh the MASS of mass media. You spend more money trying to target the “right people” than you would spend reaching everyone! Because the “right people” are part of “everyone.”

No! And yes, we are a digital agency. Digital has great value. But you could do NO digital advertising, do only mass media, and still be the top business in your category. The only possible exception to that is pay per click (SEM). But PPC is 10x more valuable if you are doing mass media alongside it. Here is what to love about digital -- it is targetable and trackable. And when you combine a sniper type digital approach with mass media, the results are astounding. But if you try to build an entire ad campaign all on the back of digital, you will be severely disappointed. The flip side of that is if you try to do a digital campaign like mass media, you will also be disappointed. So make sure your digital agency has their own in-house production team. It’s a necessity for successful digital campaigns.

It’s much easier on you and your staff. You have one point of contact. You have one team understanding everything about your business, goals and advertising campaigns. There are no excuses. And we can share expenses between departments to keep your overall costs lower.

Elite Media Team is very selective about who we choose to accept as clients. We go in not only expecting a long relationship, but most likely a lifetime relationship. We believe that when you do your job right, you don’t have to lock clients in with long legal agreements. You can leave us at any time. No risk, no hard feelings. We’re that confident you won’t want to leave.